April 22, 2024

Selling Techniques

Have you researched selling techniques? If you do a Google search for selling techniques you will get hundreds of articles about different techniques. There are so many different articles out there it can get confusing. Having been through different sales trainings myself, ie: Sunpower Residential Sales Training, Corporate Sales Trainings and a Professional Sales Trainer that visited us in my last sales position, did intensive sales trainings for the week along with ride alongs to see how we as sales team members were doing in the homes we were selling to. My advice is to sell to a persons emotions.

A little background about me – Travis Danks, I have been working in digital design and marketing for the past 17 years working for a number of different companies – you can see my LinkedIn profile here. My last job was managing all of the Marketing for an in home sales construction company. It was an energy efficient company based out of San Diego. My first year in sales I was able to sell over $1.4 million in smart home solution products to customers. Everything from HVAC, Solar, Roofing, Insulation, Windows, and Turf to name a few products. Gaining that experience has given me valuable insight into the sales process.

Most people are going to act on a purchase when they feel comfortable. There are different tactics on this of course, you can sell based on fear. Fear they are missing something, fear that something may break or be disrupted in the future. You and act as a persons friend, a lot of customers want to be heard and related to. Just listening to their needs it a great way to connect and create an open connection. Some sales people will sell based on a customers anger, figure out what is making them angry. Show them how you can help with your product or service and show them how it will help make their life easier and happier.

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Did you know there are subtle ways to influence a customer when you set up a sales page on a website. Similar to going to a grocery store and putting something in your cart, you want to set up your purchase page to be familiar to a cart. So instead of putting a button that says “Buy”, try using a different phrase like Amazon and so many other giants out there, try using the phrase “Add to Cart”

Selling comes natural to some people and for others it is a learned profession that needs to be studied. To learn more tips and advice, contact us so we can help you engage your customers and energize your sales pinwheel.

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