May 20, 2024

Tell Your Story

One of the keys to attracting customers and retaining the ones you already have is telling your story. People want to be able to relate to you and your services. They like to get personal and know you are human and on the same level they are. What we mean by telling your story is not like a kids book to make something up. But rather to tell them your background, tell customers about your services and products and how they relate and help the customer.

A good way to tell your story is to have a strong website and social media presence. You want customers and potential customers to be able to search and find a consistent presence across all social media sites. Take a look at, you can see what we do, and what services we provide. Then take a look at, you can see the same messaging. If you have this supported by a blog like you can tell more about your products and services. Having a consistent social media presence across sites helps the user to understand your brand and feel comfortable with you as a professional. Learn how Danks Designs can deliver a story to tell your clients. See more examples here:

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