May 27, 2024

2022 Trends

The Top Web Trends of 2022
Are you on board with the new trends of 2022?  Are you keeping your marketing up-to-date?

Video – Live video and video based content is the way of the future.  More and more users want to see video’s.  We as marketers only have a minute amount of time to grab users attention and take them on a journey.  Use the latest trends and techniques to capture more attention and leads for your business.  Are you using video to educate, inspire and engage your prospects.  Entice more from showing problems and solutions.  Does your video tell a story that users can relate to?  Capture more of your audience with a Hook (the problem), provide a brief description, the resolution and then a great call to action(CTA).  Make sure your engaging with your customers on their level.

Personalization – When speaking to a customer directly, over media or web pages.  Be direct.  Show that you know what they are looking for and provide a solution tailored to their needs.  Using email generate content that will engage the user and keep them looking for more from you as the educator.  Start out your email with personalized messages, IE: John – looking to up your software implementation in the year ahead.  Nicole – we see you are looking for more clients.  Speak to your client as if they are the only one in the room.  Engaging directly is the easiest way to keep a customer coming back to you as the expert in your field.  Speak straight to their heart.

Security – is your website secure?  is your SSL in place so customers feel safe giving you information in the form you have provided over the internet?  Make sure you have the necessary protocols in place to secure you and your clients data to avoid any breaches in security.  Avoid those nasty security flaws.  Hackers are always trying to find a way to get ahead and get your data sets.  Stop them.  Use Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). Provide better security protocols throughout your website to avoid loosing your valuable data.  Are you passwords up to date?  Are your passwords strong enough that you can avoid data leaks?

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