May 20, 2024

Sales Process

Sales Funnel vs. Sales Pinwheel – Do you know what they are and can how they effect your business to keep it energized?
The goal is to entice, engage and get potential customers to purchase or use your product. But do you understand how to keep them engaged? Are you just starting out?

Sales Funnel

A typical sale consists of attracting customers, engaging with your product or website, and then delighting – purchasing your product or service. At this point customers will loose contact and not come back to your business. This is a typical sales funnel, this works in some businesses, but most are switching to use the pinwheel model of sales.

Sales Pinwheel

The pinwheel model still uses the same research and engage, but after the sale, how do you keep customers engaged? Are you signed up with an email service? There are so many out there, how do you know which is the right service for you? Learn the trick to keeping your business pinwheel energized. Do you know how to do that within your business? Danks Designs can help you keep your customers engaged and energized.

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