April 22, 2024

QR Codes

Are you using QR codes in your media solution? Do you know what a QR Code is?

Danks Designs QR Code

A QR code is a quick response code used for machine reading. They can be used in many different formats and can be dynamic, meaning they can change even after being produced. They can be used in all sorts of media and print areas.

Try scanning this QR code and you will receive information to learn more.

  • Media:
    • On websites to take a user to a page, get a review, go to Facebook or another social media site.
    • They can be used as coupons, to get feedback from a user and to show a PDF.
    • and many more uses.

Learn how.

  • Print:
    • QR codes can be used to transfer contact information to a smart phone.
    • Scan for information to give to a user.
    • and to transfer event information.

There are many more uses and options for using and creating your own custom QR code, learn how Danks Designs can help you today. QR codes can be customized, transfer contact information and photos, the actual design can have a drawing or logo to fit your business needs.

Learn more.

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