Stoked on the new Gas Tank cap, I think it looks good!!!  I also bought a new rear view brake handle little white plug.  Getting some finishing pieces.  

found wings

I found a great pair of Honda “Wings” I want to get for the headlight.  I am just waiting a little bit, I still need to do motor work on the bike, either mess with the valves, adjust them, and or, I might upgrade to a 138 kit, I know […]

Seat Pan ordered

As you can see, I am in need of a new seat pan.  I have been looking the whole time I have had the bike ebay, Google.  I found a post to make my own seat pan out of fiberglass, probably cost $50 for materials, then time, and the tools […]


After much time and research – ebay, three wheeler club(s), forums, and Google searches.  I found some sources that have been good to me. I found a guy, Lance, that has a boat load of old vintage parts, pieces, and motors, you name it he has got it.  He sold […]

Project 110 Begins

Disassemble and discover what there is to replace and work with. Needs TLC paint job, thinking of going matte black… Registration – OUCH!  just as much as I paid for the bike. Needs: Chain, exhaust, carb rebuild, rubber tank mount, pull start handle, tank strap, 6 pack rack, tail light […]