July 14, 2024

Multi Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication is here.  Are you ready for it?  The year of 2022 is all about security.

Learn how Multi Factor Authentication can help keep you and your business secure.  Stop hackers and keep you security in your business a high priority.  Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is a way to verify you are the one logging into your software.  There are a few ways to engage MFA, you can set up with the app from the manufacturing software, there are 3rd party apps (Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator), or with a separate security key (Yubico’s YubiKey or Google’s Titan Security Key).  It will depend on the software you are trying to set up MFA on as to what will work to engage MFA.

MFA is a verification method, it is hard for hackers to get ahold of a mobile device or security key.  Compared to conventional emails, text messages and phone calls, MFA adds an extra layer of security.

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