June 15, 2024

Email Best Practices

Do you have clients you want to communicate with on a regular basis? Do you have software that helps you communicate to them on a regular basis? Do you know how to create an email so it shows on multiple platforms correctly? Danks Designs can help you create emails that get noticed. Do you know the best practices for creating and sizing emails? Are you aware of the size constraints that you should be designing in?

Emails have a better click thru rate if they are designed within certain specs, just like your car runs better if it has a certain oil in it. Danks Designs can help you create and deliver emails to your audience that will get the clicks you need to help your business thrive.

There are certain rules when you create an email that you should always abide by so you don’t become a SPAMMER or get blacklisted by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Are you aware of the best days to deliver your emails to your clients? Do you deliver on a schedule? Danks Designs can help you tailor your emails to deliver on time and impact the clients you are looking to get in front of.

Do you test your emails and double check before you send them out? Are you creating compelling headlines to get your emails noticed? Danks Designs can help you create custom emails to generate the buzz you are looking for. Let Danks Designs help.

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