May 20, 2024

Color Theory

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colors – Primary colors are rad, yellow and blue. Secondary colors are created by mixing two of the primary colors (green, orange and purple). Tertiary colors are created by mixing primary and secondary to get 6 colors.

RGB vs. CMYK Color – Web design uses RGB (red, green and blue) while print uses CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) Monitors emit color while paper absorbs colors.

Complimentary vs. Contrasting Colors – Red is the warm half, blue is the cool half of the color wheel. Red and green are contrasting colors, while blue and purple are complimentary colors.

The Study of Color – color as it relates to human behavior. Such as color relating to food and enhancing or detracting from the taste you get.

Color wheel is an abstract illustration organization of color hues.

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